An Astrological View of Why We Are So Fucked Up Right Now

Angela Kaufman
15 min readSep 4, 2020

(and How we can Unfuck Ourselves…)

I spent last fall becoming well acquainted with Pilot Truck Stops as I made one last leg of a two year almost nonstop book tour. During this trip, Pilot became more than my cheap overnight camping spot, but also my travel office. For a few dollars’ worth of daily wifi, I could sit at a counter, stare at my laptop and with headphones in, listen to a steady stream of the worst music ever while working on a few writing projects.

One involved writing Astrological forecasts for the months ahead. Looking through the list of major upcoming transits, it was the first time I started to think “wow, we’re in for some shit.”

Really, though, I had no idea.

Though the combination of Uranus in Taurus, the stellium of planets making their way through Capricorn, and numerous intense conjunctions between planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were definitely a lead up to some major (and less than pleasant) shifts in the economy and government, the true magnitude of how these energetic shifts would play out was clearly not to be underestimated. But predicting exactly what events would take place and how is less clear.

Astrology is a great resource for self-knowledge and for some types of prediction. Though it is usually best to guide us toward particular areas of harmony, growth or unrest, Astrology alone does not clearly outline exactly what events will take shape. Often, a transit’s impact is better understood as it is happening or slightly thereafter. When you can see events taking place and link them to the associated energy shifts.

You may be thinking “but that’s not prediction, it’s confirmation bias.”

The point, though, is not to feel special for seeing what was coming. It is to understand what the moment requires of us, what it’s potential can bring for change, destruction or growth.

It’s not intended to be a guessing game.

So while several transits and aspects suggested intense and volatile actions taken by government leaders during particular time frames, this can indicate events being set into motion but coming to full fruition later or dramatic changes now. It could also connote anything from an…

Angela Kaufman

Angela Kaufman is the author of Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down. Her new novel Quiet Man, is available now through Trash Panda Press.