Fellow Spiritual Professionals, We Have a Problem

Angela Kaufman
9 min readNov 7, 2020

I know, it’s 2020, you say, we ALL have problems.


And many of those problems are much bigger and more sinister than the one facing the Spiritual Professionals Community.

But while we are peeling the cover off of our many Shadow issues this year- from white supremacy to classism, the many shortcomings of a for-profit healthcare system, the devastation of the planet that is escalating as time runs out…

We need to make room to look at yet one more issue.

Because this problem is undermining the very foundation of our work, mission and image.

I’m talking about Qanon.

I first heard of this loose collection of bizarre ideas a few years ago. I remember seeing a headline that read “Pizzagate” and thinking, surely, surely, this MUST be a joke. It wasn’t.

Yet like most people, I didn’t pay it much mind. The theories were so fringe and ridiculous, and there were bigger issues at hand and still are.

Let me backtrack for a minute. You may be thinking, “Who are YOU to determine what idea is fringe? Shouldn’t we give fair consideration to ALL ideas and remain open to the unconventional?”

I hear you. With an Aquarius Moon, I believe in a lot of things society considers unconventional or even crazy.

I work as a Psychic, for one. I talk to animals and believe all of nature is sentient. I believe in nature Spirits and talk to my dead relatives on a regular basis. I believe in reincarnation, energy and read Tarot Cards. I also believe that the movement of planets influences mundane matters and our personalities.

So who the hell am I to question anyone else’s beliefs?

A friend who is highly skeptical of anything not empirically provable asked essentially this same question when I first started openly challenging Qanon. He makes a fair point.

And this is what presents an even bigger challenge.

We, fellow psychics, tarot readers, astrologers, Reiki healers, mediums, spiritual healers and advisors, are not viewed by society as, say, teams of old guard scientists challenging teams of cutting edge…

Angela Kaufman

Angela Kaufman is the author of Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down. Her new novel Quiet Man, is available now through Trash Panda Press.