James Connolly Upstate NY Branch of the IWW Releases New Album

Angela Kaufman
3 min readMay 20, 2022

Drawing on the ideals of syndicalism, the James Connolly Upstate NY Branch of the IWW created an album to inspire Fellow Workers everywhere. With the help of comrades in the music industry, the branch made a collection of some of the classic IWW hits you’re sure to recognize- and an eclectic variety of songs that you may not have heard before. The album, Rebel Tongues, Living Tongues, is released at the perfect time to inspire organizers as unions are making a comeback worldwide.

This combination of old favorites with a new twist- like George Mann playing a unique rendition of Which Side Are You On? You’ll also find unique tunes like Brivele performing Yiddishkeyt Un Du Akerst, a song from the Little Red Songbook, Yiddish Edition. The album begins with a tribute to the late T-Bone Slim, IWW member a prolific writer and songwriter, as Gregory Giorgio performs A Lumberjack’s Prayer.

Pete Sinjin performs a tribute to Mother Jones called Fight Like Hell. Among the tributes to labor legends is another track, Two Good Arms, a song inspired by Sacco and Vanzetti, written and performed by Charlie King. In addition, Evan Greer pays tribute to Gene Debs in a song named for the late labor leader, orator, and agitator.

In addition to classics like There is Power in a Union, also performed by George Mann, this collection also features Colleen Kattau performing Porque’ Los Pobres No Tienen, a Chilean song. Folk duo and long-time labor and environmental activists Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner perform as Magpie, sharing two songs from their repertoire. You’ll also enjoy some creative renditions of beloved favorites like a riot folk rendition of Hold the Fort, performed by Run Rabbit Run.

To support Fellow Workers in the James Connolly branch, you can now preorder an album online in digital form as well as purchasing one of a limited edition of CDs. Click here to order. https://jamesconnollyupstatenyiww.bandcamp.com/album/rebel-tongues-living-tongues

If you are a blogger or work in the music industry and would like to receive a copy to review, contact the branch here.

Rebel Tongues, Living Tongues makes a great addition to your music collection. Keep the spirit of solidarity and revolution alive and well with this inspiring compilation. Play it at work to send a special message to your Fellow Workers- and your boss. Or purchase a copy to share as a special gift for comrades who are organizing or newly victorious in their union drive.

Here is a list of the artists/songs you’ll find on this collection:

The Lumberjack’s Prayer- Gregory Giorgio

George Mann- There is Power in a Union

George Mann- Which Side Are You On?

Pete Sinjin- Fight Like Hell (Mother Jones)

Colleen Kattau- Porque’ Los Pobres No Tienen

VC Rain- 4 Hour Day

Brivele- Un Du Akerst

Charlie King- The World Turned Upside Down

Dusty the Kid- Larimer Street

Charlie King- Two Good Arms (For Sacco and Vanzetti)

Run Rabbit Run- Hold the Fort

Geoff Berner- Di Shvue

FW M and Gregory Giorgio- Solidarity Forever

Charlie Bug- So Long Partner

FW M- Last Straw

Magpie- Canton 1918

Magpie- Poor Old Dobbin

Evan Greer- For Gene Debs



Angela Kaufman

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